Jacksons Car Wash Prepaid Wash Vouchers

$ 17.00

Jacksons Prepaid Car Wash Vouchers are a convenient way to purchase your washes in advance.  Give them as a gift or buy in bulk and save on the washes you plan to get this year!

They are available for our Basic, Works and VIP Washes.  Each individual Prepaid is easily upgradeable at the time of use.

Prepaid washes are only valid at all of our Arizona Full Service Car Wash locations for soft cloth tunnel washes. They retain no cash value and are valid only for the service type indicated.

Prepaid washes cannot be used toward an Express Wash or at our free standing Express Wash Tunnels.

Significant discounts apply for larger purchases. Please contact our office for orders over 100 washes at 480-505-5900. 

Please keep Prepaid Vouchers Safe as they are not replaceable or refundable.


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